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After many years traveling and learning, we have created a company in our own image and likeness. We were encouraged by several renowned professionals in love with the idea and looking forward to being a part of every step of the journey. We are building Dedico for teachers and enthusiasts who want to make a U-turn in their lives. We do this from our hearts because we really feel the need for such a platform.

Mariano Galan
Vision & Visuals

Mariano is a creative and Spanish designer with a background in advertising and in product design in a few international startups. Despite his job in advertising he started attending creative workshops in order to fill up the gap his job couldn't. In 2011 he travelled to Denmark to attend a calligraphy workshop that came to be the best holidays of his life. Since then, Dedico has been living in his head.

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Dirk Groten
Business & Tech

Let’s be serious now. Dirk studied physics at ETH Zürich and got a PhD in physics from Leiden University. He’s one of the most respected tech personalities in the Dutch tech and startup scene, having been involved in some of the earliest mobile internet services at KPN and Talpa and a well known pioneer in augmented reality on smartphones. He was CTO at Layar and VP of Engineering at Blippar. He’s now combining both CEO and CTO roles at Dedico, writing the code that runs the platform and responsible for running the business.

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Wouter Sutorius
Business Developer

Wouter is one of the most enthusiastic dudes around. With his background as a Project Manager at Heineken and multiple advertising agencies, he shaped his understanding of clients' needs and knows how to bring projects to reality. Being a globetrotter that loves to experience all culture, nature and people this planet has to offer, he developed a genuine interest for great learning experiences. He is knitting Dedico's global network of teachers and workshops together since day one and will be the person to talk to when you need human support.

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Francesco Bortolussi
Business Developer

After graduating in ‘Management of Innovation’ in Trieste, Italy, Francesco decided to take a step out of his comfort zone and move to the Netherlands with the hope of finding a genuine working experience. Luckily, we are proud to welcome him in our team. Francesco is a football passionate with a deep interest in innovation and marketing, a traveler and curious by nature. He is now helping us to expand our network of teachers and content while providing the best Italian food with his mother’s recipes.

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Yogesh Chaudhary
Full-Stack Developer

Yogesh is a music and literature lover and incredibly enthusiastic about new technologies. He crossed the Caspian and the Black Sea roughly 4 years ago, in order to share the dream with people across the world and to be a part of the technological world in the Netherlands. As a part of his software engineering bachelor’s degree at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven, he will be helping Dedico team to extend the online platform with new features and help to fix bugs that have already been traced out in the web application.

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Debasis Das
Business Developer

Following his Master's degree in ‘Tourism Destination Management’ at Breda University, Debasis gained experience in project management and customer service. He worked as a destination researcher at Asia-Pacific and did an internship at Travelbird in the Travel Services Department. Debasis is a real cricket enthusiast who loves cooking, especially curries. His lucky colleagues often see him entering the office with enough curry to feed an entire village. In his spare time, Debasis enjoys gaming and he is a real gadget freak.

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Molly Patrick
Content Creator

Molly has studied Literature in Wales and Norway, where she learnt dog-mushing, cross-country skiing and Norwegian cooking. She is also a keen wild water swimmer and loves dipping in icy Welsh lakes. Molly has travelled in America, Asia and Europe, where she soon discovered that learning new skills is simply the best way to experience a foreign place. Having worked as an editor and journalist on her university student newspaper, Molly is excited to join the Dedico team as a Content Creator and to live in the Netherlands (especially for the stroopwafels).

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Francesca The Cat
Morale Director

Francesca is well, a cat. Having commandeered many of the office chairs and desks, Francesca decided to join Dedico full time to boost the morale of her fellow colleagues. Talkative by nature, Francesca often focuses her conservation around food and toys, with the occasional requests for pets and strokes. However when she isn't talking (or eating, or sleeping), her main responsibilities for Dedico are looking cute, something she does flawlessly, scaring off mice, catching ghosts and being a pleasant working companion.

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