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The smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, the view of the vast ocean are just small fractions of the senses that surfing provides us. Take a holiday to learn how to surf the waves of Morocco and escape the rainy and cold winters of Europe. Morocco is considered to be a luxurious, affordable, surfing safari paradise close to Europe. The weather during autumn and winter is warm, which makes it a great destination to visit right now. It does not matter what level you are with surfing, there is a beach that will cater to your experience and a surf camp that will guide you through every step of the way. There is nothing stopping you to open your door to learn how to surf. So grab your surf board and let’s take a ride on the waves of Taghazout, Morocco.

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The Destination: Taghazout

Fishing, Argan oil producing, and surfing paradise are some ways to describe this gem of a town. It is just 19 kilometers north of Agadir in South-west of Morocco. The closest airport is Agadir with just a 49 minute drive to Taghazout. You can either rent a car and drive there, take a taxi, or be picked up from the airport by a surf camp (if it is included in the package). 

Taghazout Village

The Surf Spots:

The surf spots in and around Taghazout village and along the Taghazout Bay allows for surfers of all levels to enjoy themselves. Beaches along Taghazout Bay are also known to have among one of the most perfect right hand breaks. The best months to go surfing along this coastline is between October and March. The most out standing fact about Taghazout Bay is if one beach doesn’t have waves that suit you, the next beach surely will. All the choices will keep you satisfied. Let’s take a closer ride through the different spots.


  • Killers: All Levels Right -Reef rocky break - Flat rock bottom - Quiet weekday/Crowded Weekend
  • La Source: All Levels  - Right - Reef rock break - Sandy with rock bottom - Crowded Weekend
    • Mystery: All Levels - Right - Point break - Flat rocks with sand bottom - Crowded
    • Anchor Point (Anka): Intermediate and Advanced - Right - Point break - Sandy with rock bottom Quiet weekday/Few surfers weekend
    • Hashpoint: All Levels - Right - Point break - Sandy with rock bottom - Quiet weekday/Few surfers weekend
    • Panorama Point: All Levels - Right - Point break - Sandy with rockbottom - Few surfers weekday/Crowded Weekend


    • Imsouane,Cathedrale : All Levels - Right - Beach break - Sandy with rock bottom - Quiet weekdays/Weekend
    • Imsouane,The Bay : All levels and long boarders - Right - Sandbar break - Sandy bottom - Quiet weekdays/Crowded weekends
    • Tamri (the beach that never lets you down) : All levels - Right and left - Sandbar break - Sandy with rock bottom - Crowded during summer
    • Boilers: Advanced - Right - Reef rock break - Boulder bottom - Quiet weekday/Crowded weekend
    • Dracula: Advanced - Right - Point break - Quiet weekday/weekend
    • Desert Point: Beginners/Intermediate - Right


    • Crocro: All Levels - Right and left - Beach break - Sandy bottom
    • Devil's Rock: Beginners - Right - Sandbar break - Sandy bottom - Few surfers weekday/ Crowded weekend
    • Banana Point: All levels - Right and left - Beach break - Sandy bottom - Crowded weekend
    • K 11: Advanced - Right - Point break - Sandy with rock bottom - Quiet weekday/ Few surfers weekend
    • K 12: All levels - Right - Point  break - Sandy with rock bottom - Quiet weekday/few surfers weekend
    • Anza: All Levels - Right and left - Sandbar break - Sandy bottom - Crowded weekday/weekend

    Private Villas or Surf Camps

    One of the most important questions that one may ask is which accommodation is better: Private or Surf Camps? There is a long list of surf camps in Taghazout/Taghazout bay. As people from the colder parts of the world tend to want to flock to the warmer climates, Taghazout is becoming a hot spot for surfing and the perfect warm weather. Taghazout’s popularity wasn’t as large as it is in our current time, especially in the accommodation. A surfer says: “Twenty years ago, the price of accommodation was arranged with the owner of the house for 5 or 10 euros a night. In our current day and age they use the same platforms that we use in Europe. They will understand the “ European standard of prices” like air B&B's etc. So prices will be as they are in Europe maybe a little cheaper“. Another great attraction for solo travelers and couples alike is the yoga and surfing packages that are offered in the surf camps. After a long day of surfing, yoga is a great addition for recovery and mindfulness. 

    Due to technological advancement the negotiating process has died out in Morocco. There are two types of accommodation to choose from: Private Villas or Surf Camps. The pros about private villas is you get to rent it out with friends and have breakfast/lunch at your own time, the cons are you wont meet other people as much as you would if you were a part of a surf camp. You also might miss on the good surf spots on that day. In a surf camp they organize everything for you from food to taking you to the best spot to surf at. The only thing you would need to focus on is socializing and surfing. You also have more protection when part of a surf camp. Being part of a surf camp is almost as cheap as going on your own. Of course, the choice is up to you at the end of the day.

    Due to technological advancement the negotiating process has died out in Morocco.

    The People and Culture

    “The local surfers turned their passion of surfing as a job. Most work in the surf camps. Even though they spend most the time with their students, if there is a good wave they will catch it and show you the ways." a surfer states. Most people in Taghazout are of Berber origin and aren’t technically classified as Arabs. They tend to want to be a bit detached from how the outside world perceives the general Moroccan public. The mindset of the people in Taghazout are open and quite Westernized. The local Moroccans in Taghazout are hospitable and will treat you equally and they might even treat you better. It is also absolutely safe, but of course there are some small hiccups here and there. At the end of the day it is about respecting the locals and they respect you back.

    The local surfers turned their passion of surfing as a job. Most work in the surf camps. Even though they spend most the time with their students, if there is a good wave they will catch it and show you the ways.

    The Essentials:

    Tagines and couscous are two important dishes to try out while in Taghazout, and the local fish that is freshly caught every morning in the village.

    Breakfast is an important meal for the Moroccans. They have a large variety of dishes to choose from and try to accompany your breakfast with mint tea and maybe an Arabica coffee. There are restaurants in the main town of Taghazout where a meal costs 4 euros. Breakfast meals cost 1 euro outside the Taghazout village. Since alcohol is forbidden in Morocco and getting a license for it is difficult, prices for alcohol range between 4 to 6 euros.

    Tagine Dish

    Extra Advise:

    • The “Taghazout stomach bug” has been circulating around not everyone gets it so just be sure to watch what you eat and always keep hydrated if you do feel sick.
    • While driving you may be stopped by either local police or Royal Police for looking “western”. Main advise is drive according to the street laws and do not do anything out of the ordinary. Small advise on how to deal with the local police and the Royal police:
      • If the local police stops you asking for a fine be polite and pretend you don’t know what is happening, never give your passport, and do not tell them where you are from.
      • -If the Royal Police stops you, you will have to pay a fine. They don’t tend to be the friendliest people around. Don’t try to talk your way or argue. They have a tactics to put you in your place.

    So come and see Taghazout from the waters!

    We are connected with a few surfcamps in Taghazout/Taghazout Bay:

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    Why Surfing in Taghazout?

    • Great for all Levels
    • Escape from the winter blues to a warm climate
    • Close to the Europe
    • Luxurious and Affordable

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