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  • Internship
    Content Creator / Storyteller


    At Dedico we have a vision: enthusiastic people all over the world using their holidays for learning and improving all kinds of skills.

    Dedico is a platform where travellers can find (serious) learning experiences with the most interesting teachers in the most appealing destinations. From photography to pottery workshops, from kitesurfing to coding courses. We are searching the globe for the best workshops and teachers in order to offer the highest- quality content. At the moment we are building this platform from the ground up, that’s why we need you!

    Don't expect us to be a super fancy start-up but, we’re certainly at the most interesting stage for you to learn and have an impact with your work. Even if our website has only been online for a short time, our team includes some of the most honest, experienced and respected names in the Dutch tech scene. You’ll be able to witness and participate in the growth of a company in its earliest days.

    What to expect
    • At Dedico, our main content is putting existing workshops on-board of our platform. Our content needs to be clear and honest. Since our audience trusts us with our learning holidays criteria, this content has to be created from real experiences or research, no superficial texts are allowed. You will need to create a close relationship with teachers with interesting stories and learn from them. Review the quality of their programs, curate the sense of the text and the pictures etc.
    • Customer care: Dealing with teachers via email, telephone and social media. Taking care of their needs in order for them to showcase their learning programs properly on the Dedico platform.
    • PCurating and editing images: Having a good taste for picking the right images that are able to explain a program. Some basic photoshop skills would be an advantage but are definitely not mandatory.
    • Blog creation: Our blog is born, but content is needed regularly. We need to tell stories of workshops, teachers and schools from all over the world. Are you able to create and tell stories related to any learning discipline or destination? This requires research skills, maybe some travelling experience and experience attending courses, workshops and camps yourself. Creative, sports, outdoor, yoga, cooking; doesn’t matter, we want to tell a story about it.
    • Social media content: Our social media channels and content are pretty unexplored yet. You will have to give us a hand with in-brand social media stories, curation and techniques.
    The qualified candidate is...
    • English native speaking is (almost) a must.
    • Experience in copywriting, blogging and/or storytelling is ideal.
    • Good taste in image selection.
    • Creative writing skills.
    • Have an affinity with learning experiences.
    • Have an affinity with travelling.
    • Communicative, socially skilled and patient with teachers.
    • Aspiring copywriting, writers, blogger, journalists, etc.

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