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Mente Argentina

Hi! We are Mente Argentina

Based in Buenos Aires, Mente Argentina is an organization founded to provide international education. We strive to provide innovative programming that allows students to enjoy Argentina in a unique and different way.


Mente Argentina has emerged as a leader in the field of Argentina-based international education by committing to the following pillars of services

High Standards of Quality and Excellence

Since our inception, Mente Argentina has worked to establish partnerships with leading Argentine universities, schools and organizations. Working with these local partner institutions, we pay close attention to detail in every aspect of every program as part of our commitment to providing the highest quality service to our participants.

Continuous Innovation

We firmly believe in constantly expanding and improving upon our services and program offerings. Here at Mente Argentina, we work hard to creatively re-evaluate our existing program options and design and implement new opportunities in order to constantly improve the Mente Argentina experience for our participants.

Program Flexibility

We understand that all of the international participants are unique individuals with different backgrounds, interests, and needs. Given that, we at Mente Argentina recognize that international education should not be a one-size-fits-all experience, and pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to adapt our programs to the participants’ personal needs and desires.

Responsive & Dynamic Support

One of the key aspects of Mente Argentina’s Programs is our attentive, energetic, and helpful coordination staff’s around-the-clock support. Beginning before your arrival to Argentina and continuing throughout the duration of your program, we’re there with you every step of the way, fully committed to maximizing your experience in Argentina

Kindness and Warmth

We pride ourselves on providing all of our services with a mindset of genuine kindness and personal warmth. Our willingness to help and heartfelt interest in your overall well-being set us apart as a distinguished international education organization.

Experience & Awards

Experience & Awards

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