Teach and inspire people
all over the world.

We see people
devoting their holidays
to learning their passions.

Dedico is the platform aimed at a community of travellers that devote their free time to attending workshops and courses. We believe there is no better way to spend your holiday than fully focusing on your real passion.

One community,
Growing fast

We welcome all independent teachers, instructors, institutions, schools, camps and collectives who organise quality learning experiences and want to inspire.

Everyday of every week new teachers are creating new courses and workshops, joining many others that all share the same passion: teaching.

It doesn’t matter what you teach. Join our community of like-minded inspirers and pass on your skills to the next generation of aspiring masters.

  • Pasta making workshop


    Pasta Artigianale

    • Pienza. Italy.
    • Starting from 2 days
  • Creative Machine Stitching Workshop


    Creative Machine Stitching

    • Berlin. Germany.
    • 10 days
  • Surfing Workshop

    Sri Lanka

    Surfing Green Waves

    • Midigama. Sri Lanka.
    • Starting from 5 days
  • Ecologic wine making workshop

    Southern France

    Ecologic Winemaking

    • Languedoc-Roussillon. France.
    • From 7 days
  • B&W Analog Photography Workshop

    New York

    B&W Analog Photography

    • New York. USA.
    • 7 days
  • Motorbike customization workshop


    Cafe Racer Customisation

    • Bali. Indonesia.
    • 7 days
  • Cheetah recovery workshop


    Cheetah Recovery Volunteering

    • Wildlife Sanctuary. Namibia.
    • 7 days
  • Yoga Iyengar workshop


    Yoa Iyengar Retreat

    • Barcelona. Spain.
    • Weekend
  • Sailing workshop


    Sailing with Certification (I)

    • Zandvoort. Netherlands.
    • 14 days
  • Electric guitar building workshop


    Electric Guitar Doctor

    • London. UK.
    • 4 days
Advantages for teachers

Your courses will be visible
for worldwide enthusiasts

Step into the light. You will feature on the most prestigious platform for booking workshops in any discipline. By organising your workshops with Dedico you will inspire a global audience to change their life and chase their passions.

Illustration of teachers
Illustration of teachers

Create, edit, publish
as many workshops as you decide.

Whether you are an independent teacher or an institution, you can create and host any kind of learning experience with us.

Regardless of the length, location, currency, admission criteria or number of students, our elegant and flexible interface will properly explain all your course features.
Once you publish your course to the world, we will help you promote it to the right audience.

Features of website for teachers

Simple payments.
Easy and secure transactions.

Forget collecting cash from students and not having any change; also those embarassing emails such as: “Have you made the transfer already?” We provide an easy, professional and secure transaction system in both directions: payments and refunds.

Be covered.
Cancellation policies and waiting lists.

Fair and simple for everyone. Teachers will be able to choose their own cancellation policy. There will also be a waiting list for students wanting to fill newly available spots.

Transparency first.
Ratings and reviews by attendees.

Transparency is key for us. We want to avoid attendee frustrations and misunderstandings. Users will add their reviews, images and ratings about their experience. The better your reputation the more business you deserve.

Turn a serious
learning experience

into a happy holiday.

Don’t forget that your students are still people on their holidays, so you will be responsible for creating a comfortable atmosphere amongst them. Maybe you could add a beautiful afternoon at a museum to your offering, a glass of wine or a symbolic graduation party. These are the memorable details they will cherish forever.